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Online workshop: 'Mediterranean forests and adaptation to climate change'.

Online workshop: 'Mediterranean forests and adaptation to climate change'.

  • 21 / Oct / 2021

The objective of this workshop is to hold a meeting to exchange experiences between forest technicians of the Spanish Administration, involved directly in forest management, and experts in adaptation of forests to climate change working in different European projects.

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Forests need to be cared for in order not to disappear.

  • 18 / Mar / 2021

· A third of the earth's surface is covered by forests that play a fundamental role in the life of the planet and whose threats and benefits are unknown to a large part of the population.

· In Spain there are authentic natural jewels such as those located in the province of Soria and that thanks to proper management are consolidated as great natural shields against climate change.

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What are forests for?

  • 17 / Mar / 2021

To promote the International Day of Forests, which is celebrated on March 21, from the LIFE Soria ForestAdapt project we propose a game to break with the clichés and misinformation that exists around the role of forests. Do you dare to answer? Just click on this link and answer: "What are forests for?"

You can share your answers and learn about the development of the campaign under the hashtags #LIFEForestAdapt and #SoriaEscudoNatural.

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Life Soria Forestadapt online seminar

  • 15 / Mar / 2021

We are starting the first talks for forest owners, farmers, municipalities, etc., to know the Life Soria ForestApapt project, the first meeting will be online on Monday March 22 at 13:00, do not miss it!

Turn your forest into a shield against climate change!

Keys to increase the resilience of forest stands 

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Forests in soria are consolidated as shield against climate change

  • 16 / Feb / 2021
  • The LIFE Soria ForestAdapt Project, coordinated by Global Nature Fundation, will be developed with the co-financing of the European Union through its LIFE program and with the support of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, through the Biodiversity Foundation.
  • For more than three years, a team of experts from different areas will work in the field with an analysis tool capable of guiding decision-making for adaptive forest management.
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Soria to reduce the vulnerability of forests to climate change

  • 09 / Jun / 2020

The development of a Technical Reference for Management and Forestry with actions to adapt to climate change, which will serve as a foundation for forest management plans throughout the region of Soria, is already underway. The model is one of the actions to be developed within the framework of the LIFE Soria ForestAdapt project, which aims to reduce the vulnerability of southern European forests to climate change.

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