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What are forests for?

  • 17 / Mar / 2021

To promote the International Day of Forests, which is celebrated on March 21, from the LIFE Soria ForestAdapt project we propose a game to break with the clichés and misinformation that exists around the role of forests. Do you dare to answer? Just click on this link and answer: "What are forests for?"

You can share your answers and learn about the development of the campaign under the hashtags #LIFEForestAdapt and #SoriaEscudoNatural.

The main objective is to highlight the role of forest masses, which cover a third of the total forest area and play a fundamental role in the life of the planet. This is due to the fact that the main threats and many of their benefits are unknown to a large part of the population.

In Spain, for example, there are authentic natural gems such as those located in the region of Soria, which, as a result of proper management, are consolidating as great natural shields against climate change.