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Life Soria Forestadapt online seminar

  • 15 / Mar / 2021

We are starting the first talks for forest owners, farmers, municipalities, etc., to know the Life Soria ForestApapt project, the first meeting will be online on Monday March 22 at 13:00, do not miss it!

Turn your forest into a shield against climate change!

Keys to increase the resilience of forest stands 

This day aims to be a journey through the experience of the European project LIFE Soria ForestAdapt, which works in 36,000 ha of Soria's forests. We will create an open space to share the knowledge and tools we are developing, and we will open to the participants the possibility of being part of the project, either by providing information about PEFC and FSC certifications, sharing experiences of the State Forum of Land Stewardship in forest areas, knowing first-hand the projections of climate change in your forests or the possibilities to implement new adaptation measures.

This conference is of interest to you if...

You are a forest owner or manager, farmer, livestock farmer, hunter, technical staff of a local council or you are simply interested in forest management.

Dates when you can participate:

  • March 22 at 13:00
  • March 23rd at 17:00 hours
  • April 7th at 13:00 hours
  • April 8 at 17:00 hours

Aimed at:

  • Forest owners
  • Farmers
  • Extensive livestock farmers
  • Hunters
  • City councils
  • General public interested in the effects of climate change on forests.

Register here to participate